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Made from Scratch

Posted on October 22, 2015 at 5:00 PM
            Recently my friend, Kris Williams wrote a blog post about the lost art of homemade things.  Most of us don't have time to create things from scratch.  It is so much easier to run to the mall and pick up a gift instead of spending months making something from scratch.  Over the years I have been blessed with homemade gifts and I hate to admit that I didn’t realize how much time was put into the gift that was given or the value of a gift that was created with such care. Now that I see the value in these things, I realize that I’ve taken a lot for granted. 

            For example, my dad, Bobby Woods aka Arthur Travis aka “Sir Arthur” is one of the most talented men I have ever met.  He sees a stained glass lantern in an old worn out bug zapper. He is notorious for taking something that is considered trash and making something beautiful out of it.  Over the years he has given me all sorts of “trash to treasure” or “made from scratch” creations.  Stained glass clocks, fireplace screens, game boards, jelly cabinets, and sun catchers are just a few of the things he has made for me. 

            Dad’s not the only creative one in the family. My mom, Hilda Jo, majored in Home Economics at Southern MS and believes that things are just better when they are made from scratch.  She makes homemade sour dough bread every single week - sometimes more than one batch.  She also makes the best cinnamon rolls you will ever eat!! She is a talented seamstress and made most of our clothes growing up including pageant dresses, my sister's wedding dress, and even a suit for my dad.  Being my mom’s only granddaughter, my daughter Natalie was always dressed in handmade dresses, pajama's, and short sets with hair bows to match. 

            I guess creativity and the desire to make things with our hands is in our genes. My grandmother left a legacy sprinkled with beautiful quilts, afghans, knitted place mats, crotched dollies, and Christmas ornaments.  She also loved to cook and left us with memories of (and recipes for) jellies and sauces for every occasion. She made her cakes and pies from scratch – no store bought mixes or pie crusts would do.  Everything from scratch….and everything wonderful.

            The staff and I have been kicking around the idea of having craft parties at Clyde and Marie’s for a long time and it looks like things are coming together for us to be able to invite you into our home and offer you a chance to learn some of the lost arts such as mosaic glass work, crochet, bread making, painting, and maybe even a little woodworking. Now that I’ve given you a glimpse of the rich “homemade” history of my family, I’m sure you can see why I am excited to announce this new opportunity for you to join us at Clyde and Marie’s. We are so excited about the things we have planned and hope you will join us as we try to bring “Made from Scratch” back into our homes.




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